Executive Financial Solutions Specialist

As an Executive Financial Solutions Specialist at Brian Catale & Associates Kimberly B Catale is both diligent in her Financial practice and committed to the profession. She joined the firm in 2013 After 10 years’ experience with well-respected fortune 500 companies. Kimberly’s main area of practice is Retirement Prepping and Estate Prepping. Kimberly works with hundreds of clients each year to prepare them for their next financial step in life. Medical expense using proven techniques to inject money into their income and preserve their assets. Kimberly also works endlessly helping clients to protect their assets from the ever changing fraud scams. Kimberly has a proven techniques to manage the ever changing fraud scams.

Aside from being a Financial Solution Specialist Kimberly was born and raised in New Wilmington PA and obtained her education at Pitt Bradford. Kimberly and her spouse Dan have a beautiful little girl born in the fall of 2015 Adelle Brielle.